Leviticus 23:6 says, “On the 15th day of the same month, there is the Feast of Unleavened Bread, to the LORD, for seven days you shall eat unleavened bread.”

The Feast of Unleavened Bread is initiated during the festival of Pesach. It follows the Passover sunset and lasts seven days. The first and last days of the festival area Sabbath and holy days and no work is to be done.

Bread eaten during the feast must not contain any leavening or fermenting ingredients. In addition, all food and food products containing any kind of leaven are to be removed from the home. The removal of all leaven from the home begins even before the feast itself begins, with the removal of leaven and through cleaning of the home. Only food products that are “Kosher for Passover” may be used. The process for removing all leaven is called “nullification.”

The nullification process for the Feast of Unleavened Bread starts on the evening of the 14th day of Nissan. After all leaven has been removed in preparation for Pesach, traditionally, leaven is strategically placed in the house to prepare for a joyful and last minute search for leaven. At this time, a candle is lit and the light of the candle is used to search for any leaven in the house. When leaven is found, it is swept into a wooden spoon with a feather. The father of the home recites a little prayer to nullify the leaven. The next morning, the prayer is recited again and the wooden spoon and any leaven is burned (destroyed); thus, ending the nullification process.

Leaven is symbolic of sin. In Leviticus (Va Yikra 23), the LORD speaks to Moses telling him to speak to the children of Israel and our LORD gave him his appointed times.
The Feast of Unleavened Bread is calling God’s people to a walk of holiness. I Corinthians 5:7-8, “Therefore, purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened. For indeed Yeshua, our Passover was sacrificed for us. Therefore, let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.”

We, at Shiloh Messianic Congregation, celebrate the seven days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and anyone is welcome to celebrate the feast with us.

‘Rosh Chodesh’ is Hebrew for the ‘Head of the Month.’ A new month is determined by observing and marking the time that the emerging first crescent of the new moon is seen. The observation and determination of the time of the emerging new moon is important because Adonai  established His Biblical calendar’s dates and times based in part on the Lunar cycles of the moon. (Genesis 1:14; Psalm 104:19) The sun, the moon and the stars, the biblical constellations are for signs, for seasons, for days and years so they all play a part in establishing YHVH’s appointed times but the beginning of every month establishes the specific dates of those times. Since Adonai chooses to involve us in what He does, we have been given the privilege and responsibility to keep track of the dates and times of His moed’im through physical observation of the New Moon.

Throughout the history of Israel, whenever an enemy of God’s people sought to destroy the Jewish nation, the observation of Rosh Chodesh was one of the practices that was always curtailed. The practice of celebrating the emerging new moon was curtailed because then Adonai’s appointed times, His Feast Days would not be kept in their seasons or at their proper times (Lev. 23)

Today YHVH’s people are returning to the ancient paths and are once again realizing the importance of keeping YHVH’s appointed times. Keeping Rosh Chodesh is a practice that is perpetual as it was required to be observed in the past and it will be kept in Messiah Yeshua’s coming millennial reign.

Isa. 66:22-23 For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before Me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain. And so it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before Me, saith the LORD. Selah

Shiloh Messianic Congregation celebrates Rosh Chodesh every month and welcomes those interested in keeping the LORD’s Moedim to join us. Come and worship YHVH with us on Rosh Chodesh just as He has commanded. For more information on times and places please call 909 338-4846