The first appointed time in YHVH’s religious year is Pesach/ Passover and takes place in the spring month of Aviv/Nisan. Passover derives its name from the events surrounding the last of the plagues that YHVH imposed against the pagan deities of Egypt. When YHVH passed through Egypt on the night of the death of the firstborn, every household that had applied the blood of the Pesach (the Lamb) to the doorposts and lintels of their homes as YHVH had instructed were spared. Death ‘passed over’ those homes and the firstborn of both men and animals lived, thus the name Passover.

The Hebrew word Pesach actually refers to the sacrificial Lamb that provided the blood. Today when Passover is celebrated an ordered meal called a Seder is eaten. The Seder follows an order which retells the story of what YHVH did in Egypt when He brought Israel out from under Egyptian slavery. Like all of YHVH’s appointed times, Passover has a prophetic connection to the ultimate work of Messiah Yeshua. Like the lamb that was slain in Egypt and whose blood provided protection from the death that passed through Egypt, Yeshua is the ultimate Pascal Lamb and His shed blood provides salvation from eternal death today for everyone that that believes YHVH and accepts Yeshua as their Savior.                     

If you have never celebrated Passover consider attending a congregational Seder and see what you have been missing. Shalom Shalom.