The appointed times of YHVH are often referred to as Israel’s Feast Days or the Lord’s Feasts which implies to most western minds that Passover, Unleavened Bread and all the rest of YHVH’s feasts applied to Israel only or to the people who lived before  However, a careful reading of the scriptures reveals something much different.      

Leviticus 23:1,2 tells us:

YHVH spoke to Moshe saying; Speak to the children of Israel and say to them concerning the Feasts of YHVH, which you shall proclaim as Holy Convocations, these are MY appointed times.   

Leviticus plainly identifies the moed’im, the appointed times as belonging to YHVH Himself, they are not Israel’s Feast Days nor are they only the Messiah’s, they are YHVH’s. Consider this, if your Doctor set up an appointment to see you, would you not consider it important enough to keep that appointment?  Consequently, if you would keep a Doctor’s appointment, how much more important would you consider keeping an appointment with the Creator of the Universe? YHVH established these appointed times so that throughout the year, He could have a special time to meet with His treasured people.

Moses was commanded to tell Israel about YHVH’s appointed times and to make sure that YHVH’s people kept them, both the native born as well as those had joined themselves to Israel. Today, both those born of Jewish heritage as well as those who have been joined to Israel through their faith in Messiah Yeshua are starting to realize the importance of keeping YHVH’s appointed times. YHVH has not changed and neither have His appointed times.

Every prophecy Yeshua has already fulfilled or will fulfill corresponds with the meaning and timing of one of YHVH’s appointed feasts. Every year as we keep the cycle of YHVH’s appointed times we both rehearse and remember the events and promises associated with the work and purpose of Messiah Yeshua. Take the time to read about each of YHVH’s appointed times below and consider joining with us as we celebrate these special times throughout the coming year.

Shalom Shalom