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Doug & Carol Foster
Doug & Carol FosterElders
Both Doug and Carol’s lives have always been centered around church, family, and ministry. Doug and Carol met at non-denominational church where they were both involved in multiple areas of ministry and actually met while both were in leadership of both a large singles ministry and the greeters’ ministry. After their marriage, they co-led led Divorce Recovery Workshops and small group Bible studies. Combined they have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and at the time of this writing 1 great-granddaughter. Previously, Douglas had been involved in Christian counseling, deliverance ministries and teaching others how to pray for deliverance and healing. Carol attended three years of Bible College and it was at this point that she began writing inductive Bible Studies. It was as Carol was developing a course on “Covenant” that they both realized that there was a piece missing from their experience and their understanding. It was at this time that they began to delve into the depths of the Tanakh and specifically the Torah, which led them to the Shiloh Messianic Congregation. Both Douglas and Carol serve as elders to the congregation as well as other areas of leadership. Douglas serves as Elder over the congregations Audio-Visual Ministry. Carol continues to write inductiv