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Bruce & Kathleen Dowell
Bruce & Kathleen DowellSenior Pastors
Shalom, and welcome to Shiloh Messianic Congregation’s website! We’re glad you’re here! It is our hope that you will visit often and that you will enjoy what you discover. Our goal is to encourage, teach, and train, in the Jewishness of the Christian faith. The Lord is doing an exciting thing in this day as He leads His people in the ways of the “ancient paths”. (Jer. 6:16) We would like to help you to better understand these “ancient paths” and our Hebrew roots. We will endeavor to keep these pages current and invite you to visit often. Please feel free to contact us! Shalom!
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We believe in the coming together of Jew & Gentile in order to become the “One New Man” in Yeshua.



Located in Crestline, CA & Calimesa, CA



To Teach and Empower People to Flourish in Kingdom Living Today.